HSNC membership is by invitation only.

The Nominating Committee is responsible for reviewing and recommending nominees to the full membership. Any active member of the Society may nominate an individual to membership by providing a brief written summary of the nominee’s education and career accomplishments, with special emphasis on her or his work in the research, teaching, writing, and/or public presentation of North Carolina history. The name of at least one additional Society member as co-nominator should be included with the nomination.

Each new member elected shall be sent a letter of invitation to membership by the President. The nominee must indicate by letter or email if he or she accepts membership. Failure to respond within a year shall be considered a declination of the invitation. A nominee who fails to respond or who declines the invitation to membership may, however, be re-nominated when future membership vacancies occur.

Deadline: Nominations may be submitted at any time during the year, even when there are no membership vacancies.

How to nominate online: Active members of the Society may use the form linked below to submit a nomination to the Nominating Committee.

Submit a nomination

Please use the form here to submit a nomination.